Dear Teacher

18 Apr

Hello all you wonferful readers, I’m back again despite some school homework I had to do, plus visiting some family in the city. I hope you are all ready for another blog post, but this one isn’t exactly a blog post, but rather a letter to all of my former teachers who thought I was ‘immature’, ‘dumb’ or just would never have throught that I would ever make anything of myself. It’s a letter that I would have sent to them while I was attending their classes if I could. In fact would have seriously gone back in time to a time when I was five and give myself multiple copies of this letter to give to my teachers, it would have helped me a great deal, so here it is:

Dear teacher, How are you today? This is from a student who suffers from APD (Auditory Processing Disorder), this means that I have trouble processing spoken language; I may not be able to process verbal information because my ear’s and brain’s don’t fully coordinate. It affects the way mu brain recognises and interprets sounds, especially the sounds of composing speech. Even when sounds are loud and clear, backgorund noise can interfere which is usually the natural listening environment, so in short, we have difficulty understanding speech signals presented in less than optimal conditions, but thankfully, you can get around this. For exmaple you might instruct “Ok, students, get out you Maths texts books, turn to page 34 and do the questions but don’t do questions 4 and 5”, I cannot process all of this, expecially if there are surrounding sounds such as classroom gossip, the air con or heater, doors opening and shutting all the time, sometimes even the birds can distract me.

OK I know what you are thinking; put me in a special class and give me different, easier work. Don’t do that as having APD has no indication of being ‘dumb’, I’m able to do the work, however you must change your old school ways of teaching and adapt to me a little; I’m not asking you to change the whole lesson plan, just teach me a little differently from the others and try change some of the environment around me;

Now, I understand that you are not Wonder Woman or Super Man, but there are some easys ways in which to get around this; what you could do is instead of so many verbal instructions, how about writing it down on the white or black board? I don’t think it would kill you to come in and write the instructions down on there, that way, I won’t need to ask you so many times to repeat it and I am able to keep looking at the board and process this as many times as needed, so the way I see it, it’s a win win situation.

I’m sure you don’t really like the classroom gossip and there’s some good news there, niether do I; it distracts me from doing the work since noisy environments aren’t very APD friendly, so you could ask the other students to quieten down, so not only will I have a better chance of doing the work, and the others will get it finished faster. I’m sure you’ve also heard about global warming and if you don’t beleive it to be fact, here’s another reason why you should cut down on the air con. and heater; having this on, adds to the noisy environment, so why don’t we put on or take off or put on our jumpers (sweaters) instead? This is also a good way to save some money and be green.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope that you’ll have a very good day


From Miranda

I hope that you enjoyed this post and have gained a little more insight on it, and since one of the reasons to write this blog is to support the families of APD sufferers and people with APD, I would be more than happy if you were to use this as a guide or template for writing an actual letter, something to present at a meeting of some sort or something else.  


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